Welcome to Poochie Woochie Pet Sitting Service
Hello Pet Owners.  I would like to introduce myself.  I am Faye. I started Poochie Woochie
Pet Sitting Service because, for as long as I can remember, I have always had a poochie
woochie as my walking parter, and I have always had a kitty cat purring in my lap keeping
me company while I work on whatever project is at hand.  I decided that I would be the
perfect candidate to care for other people's pets when they needed someone to watch over
their babies.  I serve all areas around Petaluma, Sebastopol, Novato, Graton, and Santa

I know how it feels to want to take a trip, but then comes the anxious feeling in your
stomach, because you do not know who to trust to take care of your babies and home.  I
have been there, myself.  Let me tell you that I have been contacted by many of my clients
after they tried leaving their babies in a kennel.  When they got home from their trip, the
pet owners found a very anxious and traumatized pet.  Their baby didn't know why they
had been left in a noisy place, and were put into a small cage.  And, they didn't know
where you had gone, or if you were ever coming back for them.  It is a very traumatic
experience for your pet.  I went through this once, and vowed to never put my poochie
woochie through that horrible experience again.  The guilt was too much.

As a pet sitter, my motto is to keep your babies "Safe, Happy, and Comfortable" at home.   
I offer pet sitting for dogs and cats, dog walking, house sitting, and daily visits.  I include
all of the services that come with taking care of your home while you are away; picking up
the mail, following the trash schedule, watering plants, and any special requests that are
needed.  These are all offered for one reasonable price.  Your babies will be less stressed
by being able to stay home in their familiar surroundings.  Your home will be safer by
having someone living in it during your absence.  You can take a worry free trip knowing
you have a trustworthy, dependable, honest caregiver in your home who will truly love
your babies.

You will return to happy, healthy pets who will have had an exciting adventure while you
were away, and your home will be just as you left it, with everything in its place where you
expect to find it.  My many happy clients can attest to this.  I thank you for your trust in
me while you are away.

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poochie woochie and kitty cat friends that we care for.
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Client Comments:  If you click on Client Comments You will find my contact information
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call you as soon as possible.  You can also read all of the comments from my happy
clients, and read letters of reference from three of my long time clients.  

You can initially contact me at my email below.  My smartphone is not so smart, so you
have a better chance of contacting me by email.  I do not want to miss talking with you.
Your faithful, trustworthy,
dependable, pet sitter, house
sitter, dog walker, kitty cat lap,
and  daily visitor.  I am here for
you wherever you need me.  Faye
Is a girl.